About Me

I’m from McKinney, Texas. I studied Finance at Texas Tech University. I began programming at Texas Tech starting with Python to automate some stuff that I was learning in college. I then moved to web development taking courses on Udemy. After college I moved to St. Louis to join the family business, but knew I really wanted to do web development so I wen’t to Lambda School to explore my passion writing code.

After Lambda School I got a job with Eastman Chemical as a Software Engineer working on the Core product.

In my free time I like to learn new programming languages and work on projects. I was also really inspired by teachyourselfcs’s reasoning for why you should learn computer science as a self-taught/bootcamp programmer, so I’ve been working on going through some of the recommended courses.

Outside of programming I enjoy watching sports, especially Football and Hockey. I also like following investing and built a project that runs a linear regression to calculate beta for the required rate of return. This calculation is then used to plot companies on the efficient frontier.

Software Engineer in Austin, Texas