Writing Tenets

January 08, 2022



  • define new terms that might be unfamiliar
  • use terms consistently (you dont change variable names in the code)
  • use acronyms properly ex: Telekinetic Tactile Network (TTN) to introduce the acronym to the reader
  • problematic words: it, they, them, their, this, that. Make sure these cannot be misinterpreted for other things.

Active Voice


Technical documentation should usually be written in active voice.

Active Voice Sentence = actor + verb + target

example of active voice: The player kicks the soccer ball

passive verb = form of be + past participle verb

passive words

  • be
  • is, are
  • was, were

past particle verb

A verb ending in ‘ed’

ex: interpreted, generated

double passive example:

the code is interpreted by Python and is compiled by C++


Pyton interprets the code, but code is compiled by C++


Python interprets the code, but C++ compiles the code.

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