The Beauty of Apple Wallet

June 27, 2021

Imagine in a couple years you need some things from the grocery store, you have some friends coming over for dinner soon and forgot some key ingredients for the meal that you are going to cook. You leave the house and walk to the car.

The car unlocks because it knows that you are close to the driver’s side, you get in. You (or pretty soon the car) drive to the grocery store get your things and checkout. Of course your friends show up as you are out getting those things you forgot. You see them show up with your security system and send them a one time key to get into the house.

By the way you did this entire thing with only an Apple Watch.

Apple is building the new era of pocket freedom.

Apple is planning on bringing support for driver’s licenses for use at airports, I imagine this will eventually extend to states for proof of identification in traffic stops meaning you won’t need a physical ID. Apple Pay already has a lot of support and gives you the ability to not have to carry around physical credit cards. Apple also supports the ability unlock BMW vehicles, and is planning on extending this as well as providing support for smart homes.

The future has never been brighter for pocket minimalist.

Software Engineer in Austin, Texas